Mucho gusto TV show

We were invited to tell our story to Mucho gusto Morning show on thursday 8 of september. Nervous for our premiere on Tv, we brought a sample of delicious recipes that you can make with Grana. Everybody on set took their Grana under arm for their healthy breakfasts! If you want to see the post, click here: mucho-gusto In the end, there was no need to be nervous because everybody was so welcoming.

Winter Breakfast

Recipe from What a Light For those mornings that come with a full schedule and you know you will need extra energy, here you have a delicious solution packed with vitamins. See recipe

Grana Clusters

New recipe!! Easy and delicious , ideal for kids´ birthdays or for your sweet tooth. The step by step here: aquí.

Grana, Much more than a cereal.

By: Rocío Suarez Eytel, Nutricionist I was lucky to find Grana over a year ago, and from that moment one of the first things that caught my imagination was its combination of cereals and seeds, where its sweet taste comes from Tagatose, which is a sweetner with a flavour similar to sugar but without calories and suitable for diabetics, insulin resistant and those who want to lose weight. But Grana is not only a rich cereal, its nutritious contribution makes it the best cereal we have today, highlighting its high fiber content, containing twice as much fiber as the cereals available on the market. This is important since the chilean population has a fiber consumption well below the recommended level. But why is an adequate consumption of fiber so important? The consumption of foods high in fiber like oats, help improve the lipid...