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Whether for snacks , breakfasts and lots of recipes like muffins, cookies, salads, ice cream, fruits, and more, Grana offers a truly healthy and nutritious alternative. Meet this cute venture here.

For different reasons, probably all women can identify with Macarena Vicuna , partner and founder of Grana , who in the search for a nutritious and healthy cereal alternative (without sugars or being too processed) for her diabetic son, decided to create it herself.

Seeds are fashionable, it’s a fact. And you can’t think otherwise if in them we find one of the best sources of nutrients and health benefits for both diabetics and people with a tendency to obesity, digestive problems, cholesterol, and other health problems.

Knowing this, Macarena produced a balanced mix of cereals and seeds that complement daily food in recipes and breakfasts. It’s benefits, combined with the crunchy texture and exquisite taste, transformed Grana into the star of the table and into a personal enterprise that was soon supported by Link , the Business Accelerator of Women Entrepreneurs.

Oat, Sunflower, Chia, Flaxseed, Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Poppies, Pumpkin seeds and Puffed Quinoa are the components that make up Grana. It has no sugar or sodium and contains 20% of your daily required fiber.

In addition to being more economical, seeds are more effective than other dietary supplements, they help reduce weight and are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, calcium, fiber, protein and minerals.

With Grana, healthy and gourmet go hand in hand! Know the benefits of each component that make this product a unique blend and different recipes to give a special touch to the dishes, in

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