The cranberries have Flavonoids, natural antioxidant compound that some researches sugest that can protect against chronic diseases realted with aging as memory loss and all kind of cardiac diseases because it inhibits the fat accumulation in the arteries.


Goldenberries are an excelent choice for a snack: its a low calorie fruit but contains a good amount of Vitamins C, B3, B1, A and calcium. A great choice for weight control. This berrie has high content of B Vitamins, which works very well on the reparation of DNA cells. However, Goldenberries emphasize for their withanolids content, a really rare nutrient that works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory wich helps reduce the propagation of cancerigenic cells and help reduce blood glucose slowing down the metabolization of starchy carbohydrates.


The principal answer of the organism to de Maquiberrie is a blast of energy and vitality. It reduces the storage of fat in the fatty cells and have a thermogenic effect, wich means that it raises the corporal temperature to favor the fat combustion stored on the fatty deposits. Its especially recomended for diabetic people because it regulates the sugar methabolism of sugar and glicemia by retarding its passage in blood.

Cocoa seed

Cocoa seeds make up a kind of food that outstands for its high contents of antioxidants which helps us prevente the development of different types of cancer. Cocoa intake reduces colesterol and triglycerids. These seeds also contain feniletilamine which increases the amount of endorfinas. They trigger a state of emocional wellbeing.


Quinoa is a natural source of vegetal proteína and has a high nutricional value due to the combination of a higher proportion of Essentials amino acids. It contains a high percentage of total dietetic fiber which makes it an ideal food for eliminating toxins and residues that may harm your body.


It´s main benefit is it´s high content in soluble fiber which helps reduce glycemia and colesterol and at the same time turns out to be an important means to revert constipation thus protecting the Elath of your intestine. Flaxseed is Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids therefore it makes a good food for heart health. It is also Rich in vitamin C and E which have strong antioxidant effects helping prevente several diseases while containing minerals such as calcium, iron, potash and magnesium.