Grana Cereal

Grana is a family Business that originated from difficulties arising from having a diabetic child. After the unsuccessful search for food products containing no sugars (syrups, glucose, fructose), nor being overly processed, we decided to make it ourselves and are willing to share it with you now.

After having done research on the nutritional properties of the different grains and seeds, we learned that we had found the best alternative for processed foods with no nutritional values. In seeds it is possible to find some of the best sources of nutrients and benefits for our health, not only for a diabetic but also for people with tendencies to obesity, high cholesterol, digestive problems and others.

We created a balanced cereal and seeds mix which supplements the daily intake of certain nutrients by means of recipes and breakfast preparations found on this site as well as our Instagram. Its benefits, crispy texture and delicious flavour, turned Grana into the star of the family table and eventually into the family Business it is today.

Grana contains 20% of your daily fiber intake and is easy to include in your daily diet. It combines perfectly with yogurt, fruits, pastries and vegetables so including it in meals is just a matter of imagination.

We invite you to discover its great taste and healthy benefits.

“Due to its high fat content people get the impression that a frequent intake of nuts and seeds may increase obesity rates. Nevertheless, according to a study carried out with a sample of 26.473 Americans, it was discovered that people consuming more nuts were in fact less obese and the reason might be that consuming nuts produce a sensation of satiety”

“”, Michael Murray.

“Seeds are of the utmost important to humanity, not only because they make up the main plant propagation means, but are also an important food source”.

“Seeds and their uses”, Duffus & Slaughter 1980.

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